RED Aura

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red aura

Aura colours symbolise your character and the biofield energy. The colours can show you the state of mind and the combination of mind, body and spirit. As we look into this in more depth, it is essential to understand that ‘’each subtle body is a layer of the field with its frequency a translucent colour, giving us the capacity to feel, to think, and to experience our divinity. The physical body is the vehicle for Being to express itself through action, with its etheric body hugging it like an invisible vest, the emotional body is where Being expresses itself as feeling. The mental body allows Being to know itself through thought, and the spiritual body is the container for that which we truly know ourselves to be (and have temporarily forgotten). Our subtle bodies are as real and vital as our physical body; the difference lies in our perception of the density. So now let us look at the physical body, followed by the four most significant dimensions in the subtle realm, the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which make up the aura.’’

Reference made to Phillippa Lubbock (Life Alignment) within written work above where I have. 

Over a collection of blog articles, we are going to focus on a different colour and what that means.  Within this blog, we are going to examine the colour red.

Understanding the red as aura colour

A majority of young children and teenagers, especially boys have bright red auras. This due to red showing the colour of activity when there is more activity, it is stressing themselves and others also, which is why red is seen as a colour of stress.

Desire, vitality, power, the urge to win and to have success also come within the colour red, this is due to the colour symbolising what you want to achieve and that you have high power which can push obstacles away and complete your goal. This links the colour red with other meanings which can include the intensity of experience, action, doing, love of sports, struggle and competition.

Other potential links to the colour red are also connected to a force of will, leadership, strength, courage, passion, eroticism, earthiness and practicality. Red symbolises life, vitality, power and the physical nature of man, when we work with clients, we would ensure that we help them to analyse the colour and what it means for them.
body aura

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